Did all of your carbon monoxide alarms just start beeping?

The proper way to handle the situation

If you find that within the span of an hour or so, all of the carbon monoxide detectors you dutifully installed in your house start going off with double-beep alarms, there are two possibilities:

  1. There’s carbon monoxide in the house and you’re going to die
  2. You installed your detectors seven years ago and it’s time for them to jointly commit suicide

Odds are it’s the latter. Apparently there is actually some kind of a detector molecule or thingamajig that degrades over time, and seven years after being powered up they turn into pumpkins. Nothing you can do except throw them away.

The main question now is whether to buy new ones or not.


2020 Rebirth goes back to the late 1990s.

It was a plain-text site back then, a blog before the word “blog,” before WordPress, before Facebook, before all that shit.

Haven’t had a place lately to just post shit. My art site holds all my art, but most people who look at that aren’t going to want all this stuff, so this is the other side of the fence for all the other brain-dumps that aren’t relevant to art.

Amazingly, @stevelinberg were not taken on twitter or instagram. They sure the hell are now.

So let’s do this thing. Here are some 3d printed nerdlings to mark the occasion.