In fall 2022, I completed my masters in the Data Analytics and Computational Social Science (DACSS) program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (formally graduating later this year). My present position is Principal Data Engineer at eClinical Solutions in Mansfield, MA.

I’ve worn many IT hats over the years - sysadmin, DBA, trainer, tech writer - but a day without code is a strange and sad day.


MS, Data Analytics and Computational Social Science | 2022

University of Massachusetts, Amherst | Amherst, MA

BA, Social Science | 1992

Hampshire College | Amherst, MA

Selected Experience

eClinical Solutions, Mansfield, MA | Principal Data Engineer | 2023 - Present

Gandara Center, West Springfield, MA | Senior Systems and Analytics Engineer / CIO / IT Director | 2005 - 2022

Silicon Goblin Technologies, Amherst, MA | Owner / Programmer | 1999 - 2015

Rojo Networks, San Francisco, CA | Systems Administrator and Customer Service Lead | 2006-2008

National Center on Adult Literacy, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Philadelphia, PA | Systems Programmer and Lead Web Developer | 1997-1999

Holyoke Public Schools, Holyoke, MA | Literacy and GED Instructor | 1994-1997

Turning Point Software, Boston, MA | Programmer | 1988-1990

Unicom, Inc., Providence, RI | Systems Programmer and Technical Writer | 1983-1997


  • Data analytics, statistics, machine learning
  • Software engineering
  • Politics, culture and the state of the world
  • Classical drawing and painting, guitar, motorcycles, baking, gaming